virtual reality

Apple Vision Pro is as scary as it is enticing

The idea of VR is nothing new, having been around since the ’60s. So what makes the Vision Pro noteworthy? I haven’t seen any VR product with this level of…

UNDER THE MICROSCOPE | Jae Levy, virtual reality educational software

Jae Levy, a third-year organic chemistry student, is researching virtual reality as a teaching tool. Their goal is simple: make chemistry easier to learn by enabling people to see the…

Virtual reality allows UVic students to explore archaeological sites in Spain

Through the Department of Greek and Roman Studies, UVic students are using virtual reality technology to explore the archaeological sites Ilduro and Can Modollel, located near Barcelona, Spain.

5 exciting technologies from 2017

It is difficult to narrow down the best technology releases in 2017 because of how much progress was made across many industries. However, here are five technologies that have the…

UVic gets creative with virtual reality film ‘Knot For Sale’

Ever wanted to explore more of your favourite film? Virtual reality filmmaking has taken cinematic immersion to a new level, as audiences of Knot For Sale will soon discover. Knot For Sale is…

Into the VR Zone: How virtual reality is changing Victoria’s world

START You’re diving underwater with a pod of orcas. You’re flying through space with a jetpack and a laser gun. You’re ducking beneath the crack of gunfire in an Iraqi…

EDITORIAL: Blurred lines: Virtual porn may be hazardous to our health

Once upon a time, somebody accused art of being pornography. Of course, those were gentler times when pornography was some strategically placed soap in a surrealist portraiture. But things have…

Streeters: How do you feel about virtual reality pornography?

“I’ve actually watched it. And it’s very realistic. It will definitely have a market. It will have a lot of clients, if you want to call them clients. But it’ll…

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