EVENTS Feb. 6-19

ART MARIMEKKO, WITH LOVE EXHIBITION Just in time for Valentine’s Day, check out the Finnish textile and clothing design company who revolutionized prints. These lively, ground-breaking prints were pioneered by…

‘Elgami’ uses programming for fashion design

The ever-changing fashion industry revolves around presenting new clothes six months before they hit the stores—an impractical but traditional way of presenting new collections. UVic alumni Martin Erlic is pioneering…

Sustainable fashion on the rise in Victoria

Price and style are immediate concerns for most people looking to add to their carefully crafted wardrobe, but sustainable does not mean tasteless or unnecessarily expensive. Small, local Victoria businesses…

Lark and Sparrow celebrates fifth year of whimsical elegance

Lark & Sparrow boutique owner Willow Hillard describes the Cook St. Village womenswear boutique as “a folky, magical, white, soft place—like a luxurious forest.”

Rewind that tape: vintage goodies for the old at heart

Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris will forever remain a film dear to me because of the protagonist’s adamant fondness for the past. The lesson learned became similar to the idea…

Is This Menswear seeks to build community

Five years ago, menswear blogger Iain Russell never imagined owning a modern menswear boutique. Now 27 years old, Russell’s only major obstacle has been choosing what to write on the…

East coast hunting: a New York City shopping guide

Rusty fire escapes and packed streets merely glaze the richness of life in Manhattan. The city glows in the night with two-dimensional entities streaming across bulbed billboards, sneaking their way…

Here comes the sun

Activewear for ex-vampires

Will you be changing your wardrobe for spring/summer? If so, how?

  “I wear a lot of dresses already—so I’m basically just getting rid of the tights, which is perfect. I wear dresses and skirts year-long.” Amanda Maclean Humanities Second year…

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