Sex(uality) ED at UVic

University provides an opportunity for students to learn about themselves, and for many, this includes their sexuality. According to Professor Leah Tidey of the School of Public Health and Social…

Victoria releases new Music Strategy to boost local artists

In November, the City of Victoria Council approved its final version of a new Music Strategy. More than two years in the making, this strategy outlines the strengths and weaknesses…

Three films to watch for at this year’s Victoria Film Festival

With the New Year comes the annual Victoria Film Festival (VFF). If you’ve never been to the VFF, it is a ten-day event running from Feb. 4-13 with the opportunity…
Holiday treats, graphic by Sie Douglas-Fish.

Something sweet for the holidays

Scribbled on an old piece of cardstock in the back of the drawer, or perhaps just passed down through memory: there’s nothing like a good old family recipe. Holiday desserts…
SKAM actors Lynnéa Chan, Andrea Lemus, Christian Martin, and Kathryn Popham. Photo by Samantha Duerkson.

It’ll Come To Me is a fever dream worth remembering

If you’ve been to art school, you know that kid who always talks about moving to New York. Maybe it’s you? In It’ll Come to Me presented by Theatre SKAM,…

Cinecenta celebrates 50 years as a campus and community hub

For 50 years, the UVic campus movie theatre has been a home away from home for students, community members, and a close bunch of long-serving staff members. Despite the challenges…
The French Dispatch trailer screenshot via Searchlight Pictures.

The French Dispatch is finally here — and it’s delightful

Like almost every facet of human existence, the movie The French Dispatch was thrown for a loop when the pandemic broke out. The film, indie darling Wes Anderson’s 10th feature,…
Photo provided by Jason Stevens.

A Christmas Carol returns to Craigdarroch Castle

The Victorian mansion stands on a hill overlooking the city, and on cold December nights wind wails up its old oak staircase and shakes at the stained glass windows. Actor…
Dog Sees God poster, photo sourced from Theatre Inconnu Facebook Page.

Theatre Inconnu’s Dog Sees God adds a twist to nostalgic Charlie Brown comics

How does life change as we transition out of childhood? Theatre Inconnu explores this question in their upcoming play, Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead. Directed by UVic…

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