10 important lessons learned smoking the green stuff

Taco Bell. It’s more than a lesson—it’s a taco. Thirty minutes is an excruciating long time to wait for pizza to be delivered to your home and is best done…

A-list: what the calendar months should actually be called

January is now Blanduary Because nothing really happens. You tell yourself that you will be a good person after New Year’s and then slowly fizzle into being a schlub once…

10 pick-up lines that totally work 100 per cent of the time, every time*

1. “Are you a high priest of the cult of Kali? Because you just tore out my still-beating heart and enslaved my body and soul.” 2. “I’m not a photographer, but…

10 reasons why you should consider taking a cruise ship home instead of B.C. Ferries

1. Food and drink is included Why pay $22 for a crappy buffet, when you can stuff your face with more shrimp than your stomach can handle? 2. The routes…

10 new year’s resolutions and how to easily achieve them

1. Clean out the fridge Buy new fridge on boxing day. Put the old fridge outside next to garbage with a “Free” sign on it. Not only are you being…

10 Christmas movies that should never, ever be produced

Zooey Deschanel falls in love with a man-child who wears yellow leggings and eats candy for breakfast. An eight-year-old boy spends Christmas Eve as a vigilante, while befriending a creepy…

10 ways to ace your final papers

1. Put everything off until the very last minute All amazing work is done under intense pressure, loud screaming, and too much coffee. 2. Write drunk, edit sober Although this…

10 ways to use your textbooks during reading break

As kindling Big books usually have many pages that are excellent for starting fires in this chilly season. As a paper weight Why not use more paper to weight down…

10 ways to know you’re dating a sociopath or possibly a married man*

Fifty per cent of your relationship is talking on the phone, 49 per cent is texting, and one per cent is spent physically together. He knows where you live and…

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