New UVSS Board of Directors voted in, referendum fails to meet quorum

Graphic by Sie Douglas-Fish.

UVic researcher receives $2 million grant to fund vaccine for syphilis

A University of Victoria microbiologist, Caroline Cameron, recently received an impressive 2 million US dollar grant from Open Philanthropy, a U.S.-based research and grant-making organization. This is the largest grant…

UVic student announces early bid for Saanich Council

On March 12, Basil Langevin held an outdoor event at Playfair Park to kick off his campaign for Saanich Council and the Capital Region District (CRD) for the October 2022…
Photo by Armando Tura.

ReBuild Initiative takes collaborative approach to sustainability research on buildings

About one third of the world’s carbon emissions come from buildings, and according to UVic civil engineering associate professor Ralph Evins, “the new ones aren’t the problem, it’s the old…

Meet your UVSS lead director candidates

The Martlet caught up with each of the lead director candidates to talk about their platforms and campaign promises.
Student Union Building at UVic, photo by Sie Douglas-Fish.

Your guide to voting in the upcoming UVSS election

Last year’s University of Victoria Students’ Society (UVSS) election saw a significant drop in voter turnout. In 2021, 6.6 per cent of those eligible to vote participated, down from about…

What happened to the PIRG funds?

The UVSS has come under scrutiny after the Jan. 24 board meeting renewed interest in the previous year’s Board of Directors’ decision to reallocate funds collected for the student-financed Public…

B.C., UVic announce end to mask mandate

A recent press conference by the B.C. government announced the end to some key COVID-19 restrictions, and a short timeline on when others will expire.

Another UVSS Board resignation raises question of student burnout

Four out of five of the lead directors have now resigned from the University of Victoria Student Society’s (UVSS) Board of Directors. Earlier in the semester, three lead directors all…