A beef cow in grassland with a cowboy hat and a steak, graphic by Sie Douglas-Fish.

Going vegetarian won’t save the planet

"Becoming a vegetarian is one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle."

Métis in the city

I began to reconnect with my Métis culture on a Saturday in the final year of my undergrad. In my first years at university, I learned as much as I…

45 cent minimum wage increase in B.C. not enough

On March 14, B.C. announced the province would be raising the minimum wage from $15.20 an hour to $15.65 beginning on June 1.

Not all women in Canada are free to express themselves and fight for their beliefs

While many women in Canada are free to express themselves, International Women’s Day is a reminder of the work left to be done.

To be aromantic in a decidedly romantic world

You see, I’m something called 'aromantic.' Haven’t heard of it? Few people have. It’s exactly what it sounds like, though; I simply don’t experience romantic attraction. Don’t get me wrong,…

The hidden surge of eating disorders during the pandemic

As we’ve all experienced over the past two years, the increase in COVID-19 infections brings along with it heavily imposed restrictions. These restrictions create disruptions in our daily routines involving…

UVic Mechanical Engineering curriculum facilitates a culture of social disconnect

Engineering is generally perceived as a highly technical field of study with no shortage of complex math and physics. Yet engineering, at its core, looks to develop solutions for society’s…
Graphic by Sie Douglas-Fish.

International students face unfair burden with MSP fee

The B.C. government’s Medical Services Plan (MSP) premium is a major stressor for international students. Many international students, including myself, are not comfortable with the high $75 monthly premium for…
trump twitter disinformation graphic

Tweet first, think later: Twitter can’t keep up with Trump and online disinformation

As highlighted in Trump’s recent post-election tweets, social media is often riddled with disinformation. Having platforms flag inaccurate content is not enough to solve this challenge — it requires user…