Graphic by Sie Douglas-Fish.

International students face unfair burden with MSP fee

The B.C. government’s Medical Services Plan (MSP) premium is a major stressor for international students. Many international students, including myself, are not comfortable with the high $75 monthly premium for…

Climate change is going to cost us more

The extreme weather events, will cost taxpayers billions. In addition to Future-Proofing our infrastructure against the effects of Climate Change, which is increasing extreme weather events with new avenues of…
Screenshot of Lament for Confederation via CBC Archives.

Why Chief Dan George’s ‘Lament for Confederation’ is still relevant

55 years ago Chief Dan George gave the iconic ‘Lament for Confederation’ speech during Canada’s centennial. For Indigenous Canadians, this speech carries a great level of significance due to it…
File graphic by Emily Thiessen.

FOI bill creates barriers for student journalists

Government accountability, freedom to information, and freedom of the press are just some of the hallmarks of a healthy and functional democracy. B.C.’s now-passed Bill 22 hampers these freedoms and…
Kate Korte, photo by Sie Douglas-Fish.

Goodbye, and thank you

The thought of leaving the Martlet always seemed like a distant possibility. I had stored a drafted goodbye letter in the back of my brain's filing cabinet, collecting dust over…
Screenshot of OpenSea, an NFT market website.

NFTs are an embarrassment to the art world

Logging into websites like Twitter, I am greeted with tweet after tweet of .jpg images. It seems every day is accompanied by the repetition of the same weird monkey and…
News Unsettled Native Students Union column

A show or real reconciliation

In June 2021, in response to the uncovering of 215 unmarked graves at Kamloops residential school. Pope Francis offered a thread of tweets. Now, he has agreed to come to…

Letter to the Editor: Beyond Symbolic Gestures

The Martlet accepts Letters to the Editor! Letters must be 200 words or less and cannot contain any images, videos, or links. They must be written by an individual (not…

Introducing our climate issue: why we’re committed to good climate coverage

To act as an agent of constructive social change. That is one of the commitments in our mission statement that the Martlet has made to the university and local communities…

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