Where have all the murderbots gone? 

Two major issues are at the heart of the writers strike 2023, one of which is payment. I’m more interested in the other issue — AI.
constitutional monarchy

Off with the head (of state): The complex path to abolishing the monarchy in Canada 

One year after the Queen's passing, the monarchy in Canada is less popular than ever, but what does it mean to become a republic?
Concerts have changed and I’m allowed to not like it

Concerts have changed and I’m allowed to not like it

Between rising prices and bad behaviour, we need to revive the dying concert experience I used to be an avid concert goer before the pandemic. But ever since live music…
Letter to the editor

Dr. Sanghara’s “A New Day” poem for the UVic community

My Dad, Dr. Harbindar (Harb) Sanghara, loved teaching students and looked forward to each new school year.
Grindset to mindfulness

Grindset to mindfulness: Shifting our approach to education

When thinking of the term grindset culture, you may think of a person who picks up yet another side hustle outside of their day job, constantly touting the importance of…
Back to school shopping

New school year, “new” me

As September rolls around and back-to-school nerves are fresh, the desire to buy new things to soothe this uneasiness rises dramatically for a good portion of the student population.
Design Director

Signing off after three years as the Martlet’s design director

Thank you, Martlet readers, for looking at and enjoying my art. That alone is more than I could ever ask for, and it means the world to me. 
BC Ferries

Everything wrong with BC Ferries

Growing up on Saltspring Island, I have been at the mercy of BC Ferries since before I can remember. I’m certainly preaching to the choir by complaining about our local…
Bill C-18

Letter from the Editor: Meta is blocking us, but we’re not going anywhere 

Meta and Google are blocking news outlets, including the Martlet, in Canada. Here are a few ways you can support us.

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