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Campus club helping female students in male-dominated STEM fields

In March of 2017, two former UVic science students, decided to create an on-campus group to help assist female students pursuing a STEM degree after seeing gender inequalities in the…

App helps 400 UVic athletes succeed

With the help of one app, hundreds of UVic athletes train with the same technology that powers baseball all-stars Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman for the MLB’s Houston Astros.

10 Green gift ideas for anyone on your list

Although Santa’s sleigh does run on renewable reindeer resources, the holiday season tends to lead to packed mall parking lots where cars idle and gift wrapping that only ends up…

UNDER THE MICROSCOPE | Jaling Kersen, beer flavour stabilization

Fourth-year chemistry student Jaling Kersen is trying to find a way to prolong the stabilization process in the 78 Kolsch and IPA beers, which will make the flavour last longer…

Underrated things to do on campus in fall

It’s time to start thinking about ways to feel good throughout the second half of the semester. Here are some underrated activities to do on campus this fall.

“Shine a Light on Mental Health” event raises awareness about campus resources and shares stories of struggle

The Student Mental Health Initiative partnered with UVic Confessions and Crushes to engage students with mental health resources on campus, and share stories of struggles through anonymous submissions.

Coping with anxiety during midterms

Anxiety can be a difficult barrier to overcome even at the best of times. Here are some tips for overcoming anxiety during the high-stress midterm season.

Under the Microscope: Yarra Hassan, theoretical chemistry

Yarra Hassan, third year chemistry student, contributes to department through computer-based research.

A brief history of women’s suffrage in Canada

In Canada, women did not automatically have equal voting rights. They were gained slowly, after years of hard work.