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Sketchbook: Munchie Bar

Snapshots of the best coffee on campus.

Mighty Joe Hicketts: Victoria Royals’ diminutive dynamo reflects on a wild year

At 5-8 and 187 pounds, he is one of the smallest defenders in the WHL. However, what Hicketts lacks in size, he certainly makes up for in skill.

SMUS wins high school soccer grudge match

Colonist Cup repeat for St. Michael’s University School

Stache Dash looks to raise serious cash

Even though the weather is starting to get a little chilly, it’s still plenty warm enough to get out and support a good cause. Especially if you get to show…

Canadian tennis year in review

Canadians starting to get used to life in centre court

Personal Paradise: Saxe Point

Saxe Point is a great example of how you don’t have to go far in Victoria to see the natural beauty of the West Coast.  Just head down Esquimalt Road, turn…

Personal Paradise: Swan Lake

Swan Lake provides the perfect sanctuary for those who like light walking and hanging out with thousands of birds and small animals along the way. Located on Swan Lake Road…

Vikes stymied in CW Final Four

Men’s soccer team settles for fourth-place after disappointing weekend

Simple tips for staying green

Meatless Mondays From cattle to patty, we are often unaware of the enormous amount of grain, water, land, and energy required to produce meat products. You don’t have to go…