How the healthy, natural path will lead you down the road to ruin

Stage 1: Water, water everywhere and I don’t want to drink It all starts with the desire to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but eventually you begin to crave anything other…

It’s food, not waste

Every day in Victoria people go hungry, food bank shelves stay empty, and low-income families struggle to put food on the table—especially around the holidays. What if I told you…

The importance of (and difficulty with) reason

Reason, irrespective of its origin, is essential in separating human beings from an estimated 7.77 million species of animals worldwide. Other animals make decisions based on instinct or trial-and-error learning.…

An ode to advancement

I would like to share a few observations that I’ve made about us, the Homo sapiens, and the inextricable relationship that we have with the natural world. Since the emergence…

Two local authors receive Victoria literary awards

Local Victoria authors Stephen Reid and Polly Horvath were awarded at the 2013 Victoria Book Prize Awards, in a gala held at the Union Club of B.C. on Oct. 16.…

Thoughts Occasioned by Remembrance Day

Do not remember! Not like this! Far better, truer, genuine To let it rest Safely immured, without occasion, Than celebrate and honour it Like this. Scheduled remembrance is a fraud,…

The lens: Senate scandal

Teaching Online Safety

It’s 3:20 p.m. on a Wednesday in late February, and students file out of Oak Bay Secondary in Victoria, B.C. Just moments after the final bell, they pile out in…


[Clarification: This opinion article was prompted in response to the off-leash dog park attached to UVic campus, primarily takes issue with the allocation of resources and care of public areas,…

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