2015 in review

2015 Martlet news in review

It was a huge year for news at UVic, and the Martlet was right there to cover it. While this is not an extensive review of the year’s events, these…

Canadian foreign policy shifts gears in 2015

Above all else, 2015 proved just how much can change in the course of one year. From a change in government to the royal assent of Bill C-51, 2015 brought…

My most underrated albums of 2015

Eartheater — Metalepsis Metalepsis is an album by Alexandra Drewchin that earned praise on Bandcamp and in Britain’s Fact magazine but truly deserves more recognition. The album is an ambient hybrid of…

My pick of the flicks of 2015

About a month ago, as I sat down to write a list of my favourite movies of 2015, I realized I hadn’t seen nearly enough films in 2015. So over…

The best decision I made in 2015

In a haze of essay-writing near the end of term, I bought a ticket to the Dec. 14 Vancouver stop on Miley Cyrus’ Milky Milky Milk tour. I’d hoped that…

The year in sports: 2015’s biggest plays

From Ronda Rousey to the Golden State Warriors, it’s been a big year for sports in 2015. Champions were defeated, underdogs rose up, and we were even blessed with the…

“Ah”: 15 of my favourite Vines from 2015

If Vine has proven anything, it’s that Shakespeare wasn’t lying when he wrote “Brevity is the soul of wit.” With only six seconds of video available, you gotta get in,…

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