What we talk about when we talk about gender

Navigating the spectrum of the transgender and non-binary experience March 31 marked the international Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV), a day meant to celebrate and empower the trans community. This…

Double exposure: Why we published the uncensored 1992 Martlet cover

Before you read this, we hope you’ve taken the time to look at our feature story, “UnCovered: The Story of Student Newspapers, Advocacy Journalism, and Genitalia.” If you did, you…

UnCovered: A Story of Student Newspapers, Advocacy Journalism, and Genitalia

CONTENT WARNING: This story features a graphic image of genitalia.  The clouds hung low in the air at the University of Victoria on the morning of Feb. 13, 1992. It…

Streeters: We asked you about new gender-inclusive washrooms

At the end of October, more than 75 single-stall washrooms across campus will be posted with new signs to indicate a gender-inclusive facility. How do you feel about the gender-inclusive…

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