Handmade gifts

With holidays on the horizon, financial pressures loom large for students

Even handmade gifts have prices attached, and it’s troubling that gift-giving is such an undertaking for students under financial stress.
Photo by Mary MacLeod.

Gift giving and reciprocating: do you have to give one in return?

Christmas is practically here! For everyone who celebrates this holiday, presents wrapped in colourful paper and bows are one of the staple images of the season. Every time you look…
diy gift idea graphic

DIY Gift Guide: eight holiday gift ideas you can make at home

This year, holiday cheer might seem hard to come by. Even if you don’t have the funds to buy gifts, you can easily make these ones at home. Most of…

10 Green gift ideas for anyone on your list

Although Santa’s sleigh does run on renewable reindeer resources, the holiday season tends to lead to packed mall parking lots where cars idle and gift wrapping that only ends up…

Ten holiday saving tips

Because Christmas red shouldn’t remind you of your bank balance Oftentimes, Christmas leaves us feeling fat, broke, and resentful: the opposite of how we’re supposed to feel. Yet every year,…

4 things you actually want for Christmas

Look at your calendar. Now back to me. Now back at your calendar. Now back to me. What is that on your calendar? It looks like a Big Day known…

Do it yourself holiday gift ideas

Skip the retail experience this winter season and do it at home instead. The Martlet has assembled a list of gift ideas that are simple, fun, and won’t burn a…

Gift suggestions for the sports fans in your life

Here are some gift ideas from the Martlet, and they all come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Editor’s note: No such guarantee exists.

A-list: 5 ways to create a concrete relationship with your professors

Wear extremely bright clothing, funny hats, or randomly scream your own name in the middle of a lecture.

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