Public art in Victoria

“The difference between sanctioned and unsanctioned art is not just a question of legality. It’s more a question of what kinds of artworks get funding from the city or get…

Ask the question

On July 24, Angus Reid Global released the findings of a poll commissioned by lobby group Amalgamation Yes that shows widespread support for greater co-operation between municipalities, driven by issues…

Rock the house

Concerts at home not a new concept

Battle royale with cheese

The search for heaven between two buns

Half empty, half full

The trials and triumphs of Victoria’s independent coffee shops

Highlands residents worry for their water

Residents of the District of Highlands (the area encompassing Bear Mountain to Mackenzie Bight, and more) are raising concerns over the dumping of sediment from the Esquimalt Graving Dock (EGD)…

Buy items with your time

On April 17, United Way of Greater Victoria will host an event called “Volunteering with Benefits . . . It’s about Time!” This event, put on by the UnitedNOW! Council in partnership…

Transit prints driver thank-you cards

On March 18, B.C. transit held a Transit Driver Appreciation Day. The date, selected as an homage to the start of bus service in Paris in 1662, was an opportunity…

Local comic artists on storytelling and life

Victoria is a city that’s known for its humble but prominent arts scene, consisting of contemporary and alternative visual artists as well as bigger local names, such as Emily Carr.…

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