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News Unsettled Native Students Union column

Why “something else” needs to be taken more seriously

Though the category “something else” on CNN might be portrayed as a simple and innocent mistake, one that can be changed at will after outrage,
News Unsettled Native Students Union column

Confrontations at 1492 Land Back Lane bring some glaring colonial hypocrisy into light

Despite all these rights embedded within Canadian law regarding land and treaties the OPP and Foxgate, the company building the housing developments, keep referring to the defenders as “lawless”.
News Unsettled Native Students Union column

The healthcare system’s treatment of Indigenous people needs to change

Something that has been clear about healthcare in Canada for a long time is that it is, among many other services and institutions, an extremely unsafe place for Indigenous peoples.
News Unsettled Native Students Union column

To stop the spread in Indigenous communities, Canada needs to respect Indigenous sovereignty over the land

the Canadian government has sat by and allowed for industry, the police, tourists and white supremacist protestors to run rampant on Indigenous territories.
Statue of James Cook with red paint

John A. MacDonald was a start

On Saturday, August 29th, a group of activists in Kanien’kehá:ka territory gathered to demand the defunding of police. As the demonstration was coming to an end, a group scaled the…
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How COVID-19 has emboldened colonial governments

COVID-19 has greatly impacted the entire world in almost every aspect of society. If one is not deemed an essential worker, risking their life every day in the face of…

NEWS UNSETTLED | The Duplicity of the Media, and Where to Turn

"The spread of false information on Wet’suwet’en and solidarity actions has resulted in Indigenous people being put in the line of hatred and danger. It has stoked the fire of…

NEWS UNSETTLED | Reconciliation is dead

"No matter the form each action has taken, there has been a common declaration among them: Reconciliation is dead. This is in response to the actions, or lack thereof, by…

Why Kolin Sutherland-Wilson can’t stay quiet

UVic student’s week-long protest draws attention to movement against pipeline project in northwestern B.C. It’s 1997, and Art Wilson has work to do. Art usually finds himself in the background,…