Increase in UVic annual parking pass rates an “ableist green-washed money grab” says UVSS

A petition advocating against the upcoming changes to parking passes at UVic has received over 1 700 signatures and UVSS Board of Directors' endorsement. The petition, started by unions on…

The nightmare of student parking at UVic

It’s a familiar feeling: you’re late for class, driving around Ring Road, feeling hopeless. You’re not finding a spot in Parking Lots 1, 5, 4, or 8 — don’t kid…
Pathway by Sedgewick building at the University of Victoria

UVic refusing to refund annual parking passes, offering credit for CARSA memberships

With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting normal life across the globe, the University of Victoria is receiving criticism from students for not refunding the 12-month annual parking pass after classes for…
Letter to the editor

LETTER | New student housing will destroy 94 trees

UVic plans to build student housing so more students will live on campus. Instead of building on and destroying a living environment which includes 94 trees, I suggest using land…

Accessibility means being able to park on campus

Students with physical disabilities or mental health barriers often rely on cars to get to campus, but by 10 a.m., general parking lots are full. It should be a priority,…

When it comes to UVic parking, no change is good change

On Saturday, June 24, a Martlet staff member drove to UVic to attend the Autism’s Own Conference being held in the SUB. Not knowing how long the conference would last,…

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