Rachel Lachmansingh, photo provided by Rachel Lachmansingh.

The calculated randomness of creative intuition: Wise words from Rachel Lachmansingh

Fourth-year creative writing student talks inspiration, the power of language, and finding your inner voice It’s 9 p.m. on a dreary November evening. Rachel Lachmansingh, a fourth-year creative writing student,…
Justin Tse

Tech influencer talks dropping out of UVic to pursue career in YouTube 

Justin Tse left UVic’s business program and built his own online brand and business When the Martlet first interviewed Victoria-based tech influencer Justin Tse in 2017, he was a UVic…

Vikes field hockey star makes international debut

Anna Mollenhauer, a second-year women’s field hockey defender, had an exceptional season with the Vikes and simultaneously launched her career with the Canadian senior national team. She claimed the Canada…

A passion that moves you

Carly Branion-Calles didn’t so much choose soccer as it chose her.

Michael Baart in profile

Dressed in a yellow rain jacket, Billabong toque, and chinos, Michael Baart could easily be mistaken for the frontman of an up-and-coming indie band. In his Vikes jersey, Baart is…

Piva in profile

Second-year women’s field hockey goalkeeper Larissa Piva joined the UVic varsity team with extensive experience in competitive sports. In high school, Piva was the goalkeeper for her school’s provincial bronze…

Crosby Stewart in profile

At five foot eight and 170 lbs, Crosby Stewart is one of the newer and smallest additions to the Vikes rugby team. Having joined rugby halfway through grade 11, and…

Campus Community Garden: weed it and reap

The UVic Campus Community Garden has an office in the Student Union Building, SUB B118. The organization also receives student funding, $0.76 per student per year. Yet the land of…

Music Rags: Slynk, the evolution of the modern DJ

The evolution of a musician is a funny thing. The more I talk with people who create music for a living, no matter the genre they count as their specialty,…

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