rape culture

Scientists look to give universities and students an edge on campus safety

Undercover Colors’ handheld tablet allows individuals to test their drink quickly and efficiently One U.S. startup company is looking to revolutionize drug tampering and campus safety systems for schools in…

The predictable backlash to #MeToo

The #MeToo movement is making strides at upping the ante on a societal level when it comes to taking cases of sexual assault more seriously. The process and sentencing of…

I’m tired of knowing better

In light of the recent media attention on the lack of action and a comprehensive sexual assault policy at UVic, I have had the opportunity to do some thinking. The…

Streeters: How important is the Let’s Get Consensual Campaign to you?

How important is the Let’s Get Consensual Campaign to you?  Editor’s note: This streeter was originally conducted at the end of September, shortly after a sexual assault took place on…

Acclaimed YouTube activist not without detractors

Laci Green’s recent talk at Uvic on Sept. 30 has received mixed responses from students, with some of the student body seeing the activist’s talk as problematic. We could talk…

Laci Green’s talk a timely reminder

Between the University of Victoria Students’ Society’s Let’s Get Consensual campaign, which has been in full swing since the start of school, and the sexual assault on campus last week,…

UVic gets consensual for awareness week

It’s time for UVic to say yes to consent as the annual Sexual Violence Awareness Week (SVAW) gets set to kick off. Events are planned for students at various locations…

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