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Bill C-18

Letter from the Editor: Meta is blocking us, but we’re not going anywhere 

Meta and Google are blocking news outlets, including the Martlet, in Canada. Here are a few ways you can support us.
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The fight between media companies and the federal government over Bill C-18 continues

These actions could be devastating for smaller independent and university papers that rely on social media to encourage readership.
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Welcome to the world of post-normal journalism

Journalism used to be an institutional structure of social existence — journalists were the sieve through which accurate information passed before it was relayed to the public. 
Various student journalists at NASH85, photo by Tamara Holmes of The Baron.

NASH85 welcomes student journalists from across Canada

NASH85 took place in Hamilton, Ontario last month and was a massive success. NASH is the largest conference for student journalism in Canada, with 149 student journalists, 31 speakers, and…
File graphic by Emily Thiessen.

FOI bill creates barriers for student journalists

Government accountability, freedom to information, and freedom of the press are just some of the hallmarks of a healthy and functional democracy. B.C.’s now-passed Bill 22 hampers these freedoms and…
Christopher Driscoll

Reflections of a student journalist: just write!

Writing for a paper may seems daunting, but it is so important What do we think about when we think about student journalism? Better yet, what sort of titles come…

Big-wig reporters and ‘baby journos’ descended upon Calgary for NASH81

Just after New Year’s Day, five staff members from The Martlet made their way to Calgary to attend NASH81: Refine, the annual Canadian student journalism conference. This year, NASH was…

A student newspaper’s job is not to print hate

Baron’s decisions lack truth, criticism, and objectivity  On Jan. 25, the Baron, the student newspaper at the University of New Brunswick’s St. John campus, caused a Canadian media uproar when…

Editorial: “To our readers,” The Editor-In-Chief’s goodbye

As I write this, it is a Tuesday, and we are producing the last issue of the Martlet for this school year. I tried to make this a quiet, uneventful…

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