DEAREST READER | A proclamation of the foundation of the Church of Latter-Day Students

Some may look dimly on the prospect of conjuring from the æther a new and mortal-centred yet divine doctrine. Nevertheless, I warrant that so long as midterms, finals, essays, and…

(In)Accessible Academia

The unexpected extra costs of post-secondary education and how one student is changing the game University students can all agree that tuition costs a lot, and that’s to be expected.…

Don’t text in class

It’s that time of year again: you stand in the bookstore line for half an hour, look away as the three digit total you owe pops up on the screen,…

TextbookBroke campaign pushes for lower textbook costs

Tired of spending obscene amounts of money on textbooks you hardly use anyway? On Tuesday, Aug. 30, the UVSS announced the start of the TextbookBroke campaign, which hopes to ease…

UVSS, students lose out on textbook sales

SUBtext, the UVSS’s non-profit textbook consignment store, has estimated a loss of $40-50 000 per term on unsold textbooks. From 2013–2014, the estimated loss was $72 000. Roxie Price, SUBtext’s manager since…

Open-source textbooks

This is the second instalment about the practicality of open source texts. Last week Veronica Roberts addressed the irony of offering winners of a sustainability contest a UVic Bookstore gift…

Becoming a Google scholar

If the organization charged with addressing sustainability on campus conceptualizes “reward” as increased consumption in the form of a bookstore shopping spree, I fear we are doomed.

The tyranny of textbooks

Whether you’re heading back to school or starting school this semester, buying a textbook or two is almost inevitable. Even if you’ve carefully saved your pennies, accounted for several months’…

10 ways to use your textbooks during reading break

As kindling Big books usually have many pages that are excellent for starting fires in this chilly season. As a paper weight Why not use more paper to weight down…

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