Coping with anxiety during midterms

Anxiety can be a difficult barrier to overcome even at the best of times. Here are some tips for overcoming anxiety during the high-stress midterm season.

Tips for turning struggle into strength

Especially for students new to university life, it’s not easy to predict how you’ll feel when the dust settles and the work picks up. The trouble comes when you find…
Students walk through UVic campus

10 Things new students need to know about UVic that UVic won’t tell you

First year students, this one's for you. Before you join the rest of your freshman class on the quad for a socially awkward and overwhelming day of orientation, read these…

Gap year travelling won’t solve your quarter-life crisis

Don’t know what to do with your life? Travel might not be the answer. Running away, or travelling, may seem like an easy way out of your quarter-life crisis. But…

The divide between art and science

From the perspective of a scientist At university, students are squeezed into categories on a daily basis. The classes we take begin to define and channel our thinking. We become…

White Lies

I’m tired of being disenfranchised. As a white cis male, I am deeply disturbed by advances in the field of equality. Whereas once our voices would be the only ones…

Anti-Violence Project referendum passes

Full-time student fees will increase by $2 in funding towards the advocacy group Students have voted in favour of increasing the student fee allocation for the Anti-Violence Project (AVP), UVic’s…

Food security for starving students

How the community fills the bellies of growing minds The aroma of juicy, oregano-scented chicken wafted throughout the hallways of the church as starving cash-strapped students filled the tables in…

Five ways to stay motivated during finals season

Here are five ways to keep yourself motivated and make sure you don’t fall off the self-assured bandwagon.

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