Five ways to beat writer’s block

It’s that time of year again where you are forced to write papers about things that are stupid and meaningless totally worth your time and effort. Here are some ways…

Hopocalypse now

I can’t remember the last time I saw another rabbit. I can’t even remember what a rabbit looks like. I pray that others survived the Great Purge as well, but…

Cup of lukewarm tap water declared world’s most powerful sanitizing agent

This story was originally published in The Peak, SFU’s student newspaper.  HUMOUR — In a move that could very well change the way in which humans deal with sanitation and…

A-list: 5 ways to create a concrete relationship with your professors

Wear extremely bright clothing, funny hats, or randomly scream your own name in the middle of a lecture.

Infant prince pleads for national unity, mother

HUMOUR — Prince George of Cambridge spoke passionately about the impending Scottish independence referendum, pleading for the nation and his mother not to abandon him.

A-list: Dealing with the fall blues

Fall is coming, and although we’d all love to laugh at the obvious Game of Thrones meme here, we both know that fall isn’t just Sean Bean deaths and sexy…

Marvel-ously bad

A biting commentary on modern film franchises

A-list: The top articles deemed too trendy for BuzzFeed

You'll never guess what they are.

Bipolar weather ruins everything

Local psychiatrists, TV personalities trying to help