Assistant adjunct UVic professor allegedly let go for “politically incorrect” views on polar bears

Susan Crockford is speaking out after she was allegedly wrongfully let go from her post at the university because of her views on climate change. Crockford’s research falsely claims polar…

100 Debates on the Environment event in Victoria draws large crowd

The 100 Debates on the Environment event filled the pews of the First Metropolitan United Church on October 3. Concerned voters listened as four local candidates took to the stage…

Little Big House to be a base for environmentalist, anti-colonialist movement

The tiny house will be the centre of operations for the Matriarch Camp –– a grassroots organization that campaigns against unsustainable forestry and fish farming –– and will also facilitate…

Hundreds of Victoria students join 20 000 protesters in global climate strike

Hundreds of UVic students joined protesters outside the B.C. Legislature on Sep. 27 for the final event of the “week of action” to advocate for climate change awareness.

Trudeau announces $79 million for efficient buses in Victoria

Trudeau came to Victoria Thursday to announce that the federal government, provincial government, and municipal partners will contribute $79 million in joint funding to enhance the province’s public transit. The…

The blue bin charade: what really happens to Canadian recycling

Since Canada’s first implementation of curbside recycling programs in the 1980s, Canadians have dutifully filled our blue bins believing we’re doing a good thing for the planet. However, much of…

20 km march against Trudeau’s approval of Trans Mountain pipeline is “only the beginning” for protestors

On Saturday, June 22, more than 300 protestors marched over 20 kilometres in protest of recent federal approval for the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline. The trek started with a…

Victoria youth climate group launch Meatless Mondays campaign

Emma-Jane Boulian and Rebecca Wolf Gage are looking to reduce the CRD’s Carbon Footprint — one meatless meal at a time. The organizers estimate that if everyone in the CRD…

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