Can the disadvantaged all just get along?

In July 1995, the Martlet reported that a UVic student had filed a harassment complaint against the university over an exercise that the socially conservative Alberta Report magazine called a…

Growing Pains: Feeling put off by putting on costumes

I hate Halloween. There are plenty of holidays I’m a big fan of. Thanksgiving, Canada Day — hell, being Jewish just opens up the floodgates of extra holidays. These are…

Editorial: Journalistic integrity for sale — not cheap

In the immortal words of Spiderman’s Uncle Ben (possibly paraphrasing Voltaire): With great power comes great responsibility — a humbling concept for any journalist.

What do you think of online course material being used in classes?

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Written by Sol Kauffman and curated by Liz McArthur

Editorial: Harper trades away Canadian rights

Man, isn’t democracy great? It’s so nice to be able to elect a prime minister who can take care of all that confusing policy and just manage the country for…

A disenchanted view isn’t the only view

KAMLOOPS (CUP) — Too frequently, I see editorial columns that are simply dripping with negative observations about the world.

Growing Pains: Money: no substitute for freedom

I got fired this summer. It was awful. There’s no feeling quite like that shocking, sinking pit that opens up in your stomach, the frantic worry about how you’ll support…

Will work for money

Looking for a job sucks. I’m not the first person to complain about this. Even once you’ve finally found something somewhat close to what you’re looking for, the dreaded online…