Hello Kitty and KFC: Christmas in the Land of the Rising Sun

Santa-san is coming to town! It’s December in Tokyo and the city is decked with depictions of that jolly man in a red suit, whom the locals know as Santa-san.…

4 things you actually want for Christmas

Look at your calendar. Now back to me. Now back at your calendar. Now back to me. What is that on your calendar? It looks like a Big Day known…

Christmas card how-to

A typical Christmas card costs between three and six dollars, while a homemade Christmas card can be priceless—literally.

Do it yourself holiday gift ideas

Skip the retail experience this winter season and do it at home instead. The Martlet has assembled a list of gift ideas that are simple, fun, and won’t burn a…

All we want this year is…

Dear CSEC, We know you read our emails. It’s okay. We understand that as of 2001 you took over major elements of Santa’s job description. However, in exchange we would…

Favourite winter places in Victoria: Top picks of Victoria to enjoy over the holidays

Here at the Martlet we have come up with our favourite places to enjoy in Victoria during the winter season. Food, rides, history—we hit all three sides of the holiday…

Gift suggestions for the sports fans in your life

Here are some gift ideas from the Martlet, and they all come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Editor’s note: No such guarantee exists.

Ways to cut consumerism this Christmas

As the month of December starts to poke its toes quietly around the corner, the reality of Christmas is quickly closing in. With this comes the tantalizing tickle of childhood…

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