A pocket guide to the Internet’s reddest flags

What we’re really talking about is critical thinking, which requires self-reflection, being aware of our own shortcomings, and being willing to admit when we are wrong.

Half empty, half full

The trials and triumphs of Victoria’s independent coffee shops

Mind Games

For many Canadians, the Stanley Cup is the silver chalice closest to their hearts. However, this particular resident of the Great White North possesses another grail that—in his eyes—rivals Lord…

Bikram with Bailey

I was too tall for the floor space. I adjusted my black Everlast yoga mat while in an awkward crouch for the third time. Lying down, my bare feet nearly…

Occupational Hazard

Photo 1 Two sun-freckled teenagers stand in a grassy field. The boy, six inches taller than the girl, drapes his arm around her shoulders. A flash is reflected in the…

Roller derby ruckus

On July 27, Archie Browning Arena was full to the brim with team spirit and rainbow socks for the Eves of Destruction roller-derby league’s double-header annual Pride bout.

North-East Lynx



How missed periods can lead to bone loss, infertility and the end of athletic careers.

Solid and Shaky

An assessment of UVic’s emergency earthquake plan

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