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The image on the left was shot with an 11-16mm lens, a super wide angle. The one on the right was shot with a 70-200mm lens, a telephoto. Notice the apparent compression in the right image. The background appears closer to the subject and the trombone slide appears shorter. To get my framing right, I had to walk halfway across the hotel lobby, but by backing up and zooming in, the perspective appears more natural.

Different focal lengths, different perspectives

How changing your focal length can change the look of your image

Truth and fiction in photography

Reflections on Grenier’s Teenage Paparazzo documentary

An illuminating lesson in simplicity

How a humble headlamp saved a photo shoot

An incandescent idea

How I spent an hour trying to light some light bulbs.

Finding beauty in the mundane

Sometimes, the best photo locations are the most unexpected

Shooting photos on a shoestring

How to keep your expenses down in an expensive industry

Setting up for success

The place of technical knowledge in photography

Bigger cameras, bigger problems

A meditation on the benefits of cameras large and small

Sports photography: a convoluted road to concision

Trying to score sweet shots on the field.

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