An empty classroom in the Clearihue building, photo by Sie Douglas-Fish.

How to become BFFs with your professor

Forming new friendships is one of the building blocks of a good university experience. Students who are headed towards completing their degree tend to have a core group of friends…
astronomer julio navarro

The Rebellious Astronomer: UVic physics professor Julio Navarro named Citation Laureate

UVic physics professor Julio Navarro was named a 2020 Citation Laureate, an award that denotes high impact research. Navarro began his career as a student in post-military-dictatorship Argentina and has…

Meet your profs: A conversation with Jon Willis

Are we alone in the universe? The universe is big. Massive, really. And it poses equally massive questions. Are there other-worldly creatures beyond the fragile boundary of Earth’s cozy atmosphere…

Nominations open for great post-secondary teacher accolade

National Teaching Fellowship is Canada’s most prestigious recognition for educators Whether they buy the class a drink at the end of the semester, never dock marks for late submissions, or…

Prof actually gets video playing from laptop on first try

“The sound worked and everything,” says stunned student For the students in ECON 214 on the morning of March 28, 2018, the situation was a familiar one. Professor Seth Delaney…

What the soul does want: new Lorna Crozier poetry

What the Soul Doesn’t Want is Lorna Crozier’s seventeenth book of poetry, and the mastery that comes with long practice certainly shows. The collection launched with a reading at Munro’s…

A-list: 5 ways to create a concrete relationship with your professors

Wear extremely bright clothing, funny hats, or randomly scream your own name in the middle of a lecture.

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