Mosh pit

Why you should spend more time in the mosh pit

Can you really consider yourself a true resident of Victoria if you haven’t spent a Saturday night in a mosh pit, getting pushed around?

Does liking rap make me a bad feminist?

My name is Jess, and I am a feminist who loves rap. “Hi, Jess,” the group of feminists say back with disdain, clutching their copies of Gloria Steinem’s A Book…

Thank you BasedGod for coming to Victoria

Last Monday night, when I should have been taking advantage of my reading break by doing some much-needed studying, I instead decided to go see legendary Lil B: the BasedGod.

A new side of Childish

Childish Gambino has always kept his fans guessing and excited for what is coming next. His last project, Because the Internet, showcased a new side of Gambino that was conceptual,…

Felicita’s turns up for rap

On Sept. 26, Felicita’s hosted a hip hop show featuring local talent: Downtown Mischief, Pigeon Hole, and Sweatshop Union from Vancouver. I’m relatively naïve to hip hop, but generally focus…

Ribald production has definite shock-factor

The Belfry has gone gangsta for its summer production of The Bomb-itty of Errors, which re-imagines Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors with hip-hop bite, fusing novel rap beats with the bard’s…

Give rap a chance

I am an awkward-white-girl-rap-listener, and I believe there’s merit in it—in the unconventionality of my listening to rap and in the music itself. There are lessons to be learned from these…

Music Rags: Defining Canadian rap music

On “The Great Rhyme Dropper,” the first single from Grand Analog’s new album Modern Thunder, MC Odario Williams raps, “I do the damn thing proper/I ain’t a rapper, I’m a…

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