Mark Lynas on GMOs, science denialism, evidence-based policy, and saving the planet

January 2013, amid a chorus of controversy, Mark Lynas—high profile environmental writer, activist, and researcher—publicly renounced and apologized for his anti-GMO (genetically modified organism) position, at the Oxford Farming Conference.…
two scientists, RAF

Scientific breakthrough on fart-blame transferral methods

HUMOUR—A new ground-breaking study from the Canadian Research Alliance Project shows that those who smell gas in a social setting are, in fact, responsible for its onset. The study reports…

Low salmon returns make for hormonal bears

A recent study has uncovered that coastal grizzly bears are more prone to hostile behaviour when salmon numbers are low. The study, conducted by the University of Victoria, the University…

British scientist given posthumous pardon of discriminatory 1952 conviction

On Dec. 24, a royal pardon came into effect for computer science legend, Alan Turing. Groundswell for a pardon took hold in 2012 upon the celebration of the centennial of…

Where fact meets fantasy

The Science of Discworld IV: Judgement Day is an amusing and unusual beast. Like the rest of author Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels, it is set mostly in a satirical fantasy…

The empiricist: Government suppression of science hinders students

I’m told it’s advisable to tell you who I am and why you should listen to my ideas. I personally would rather not do that, for the simple reason that…

UVic’s Ocean Networks Canada heads to China for international partnerships

Ocean Networks Canada (previously called the ONC Centre for Enterprise and Engagement) is a world-leading national research facility, based at the University of Victoria, that specializes in deep-sea observation programs…

Will we cure HIV in our lifetime?

Timothy Brown, the only man to beat HIV, wants to make sure we do

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