Campus Community Garden: weed it and reap

The UVic Campus Community Garden has an office in the Student Union Building, SUB B118. The organization also receives student funding, $0.76 per student per year. Yet the land of…

Major decisions

Nowadays, it’s easy to put off declaration until just before graduation. The students who planned their timetables got to graduate. Those who forgot a course had to stay behind. It…

Party like it’s my 36th birthday

As I’m nearing my 22nd birthday, I’ve been called upon to decide how I’d like to spend it. Easy: delicious food, a lot of drinks, and the company of my…

UVic Senate meeting recap

Spare chairs propped open the doors to the UVic Senate chambers as members and non-members alike gathered for their last meeting of the 2013-14 year, held on May 2. The…

Chemistry conference stirs excitement

The University of Victoria will host the 28th annual Western Canadian Undergraduate Chemistry Conference (WCUCC) in the Bob Wright Centre, which unites undergraduate chemistry and biochemistry students from universities across the…

UVic’s IdeaFest showcases the university’s indigenous art

Master woodcarver of the Songhees Nation Butch Dick led the Aboriginal artwork tour at UVic on March 5, in conjunction with Assistant Professor of Indigenous Education Dr. Carmen Rodriguez de…

The Stephen Harper play

Who is Stephen Harper? Years from now we might be able to rattle off his policies, what he accomplished for Canada, and the majority of answers to Stephen Harper Jeopardy…

Low salmon returns make for hormonal bears

A recent study has uncovered that coastal grizzly bears are more prone to hostile behaviour when salmon numbers are low. The study, conducted by the University of Victoria, the University…

“The Skin of Our Teeth” at the Phoenix

The 1942 Pulitzer Prize winning play “The Skin of Our Teeth,” written by Thornton Wilder, is featured at Phoenix theatre this November. The play is about a family surviving through…

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