Punching for a greater cause: Local boxing club empowering women through sport

For the past four years, Ellen Connor has established and grown the West Coast Wonder Women — a division of Sooke Boxing Club, and non-profit club that hosts just one…

Vulvodynia: Why a condition that affects one in six North American women is ignored, under-researched, and underfunded

Though vulvodynia, chronic pain affecting the vulvar area, affects one in six North American women at some point in their lives, it receives disproportionately low funding, publicity, and research. Some…

A brief history of women’s suffrage in Canada

In Canada, women did not automatically have equal voting rights. They were gained slowly, after years of hard work.

Unleash your inner diva

Now, upon first hearing the term “DivaCup,” one would naturally assume that I’m referring to some kind of exclusive rhinestone chalice, crafted for human Barbie dolls or a fancy pre-drink,…

‘Female Viagra’: Waiting for the other pill

Flibanserin (which may be known as Girosa on the market) increases libido by balancing the hormones and chemicals in the brain as opposed to the more common vasodilators such as…

Why we still need to talk about the glass ceiling

Women represent almost half of the labour force; however, most of them still earn far lower salaries on average than men and are less likely to work in leadership positions.

Women don’t need children to be women

As a child who loved skipping rope, a common tune I was used to chanting was “First comes love / Then comes marriage / Then comes mommy with the baby…

Women’s sports and the media: not just an Olympic event

Turn the TV to ESPN or CBC Sports and chances are you will be met with an onslaught of predominantly men’s sports coverage. Perhaps you will catch sight of a…

North Vancouver builds addiction recovery house

On Dec. 18, North Vancouver began building its first licensed recovery house for women suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. Much of the funding received for the project has been…

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