The Fireball spirit of rock and roll

These days, the bloated, lifeless corpse of rock and roll is inescapable. Our radios have been given over to mediocrity and dreamless sleep, with very little sustenance for our desperate,…

Hype aversion and fandom fatigue

In just a few weeks, the fourth season of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones will premiere, and the internet is already buzzing about it. And for the first…

Some like it hops

When the frat boys crawl out from under shot-gunned cans of Bud and begin the steps towards the craft beer wall of their local beer stores, more often than not…

I’m glad I got fired

Just down the street from my new apartment is a restaurant that sells octopus. In South Korea, chopped octopus, served wiggling, is a delicacy. I haven’t tried it yet, but…

The strangeness of kindness

It’s not a new book, and it’s not a new concept either. People have been kind to one another for as long as they have been cruel. But “The Kindness…

Events : April 3 – 10

ART Thursday, April 3 – Saturday April 12 Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Sussex Vampire “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Sussex Vampire” is performed at Craigdarroch…

Dark Canadian cities emerge in introspective new films

Hollywood regularly churns out movies featuring New York blown up by aliens.That’s why I have a theory that one sign of advanced popular culture is being able to create a…

Fuel for school: Quinoa for the soul

Spring has finally sprung! And so has hay fever and finals season. With papers, presentations and exams looming in this last month of school, cooking is the last thing on…

Death, life, and unity

During the March 18 production of Kevin Kerr’s Unity (1918), two of the cast members came down with, as director Kerr called it, “a bit of dramatic irony.” The play…

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