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Scientific breakthrough on fart-blame transferral methods

HUMOUR—A new ground-breaking study from the Canadian Research Alliance Project shows that those who smell gas in a social setting are, in fact, responsible for its onset. The study reports…

Google launches new Google Glass beta feature, Date+, to celebrate Valentine’s Day

HUMOUR—At Google’s press conference yesterday, Google’s CEO, Larry Page, announced that, in celebration of Valentine’s Day, beta customers who are also partners with each other and each have a Google…

Gruel from school: University of Victoria restaurant reviews

The Lab eatery Score: 1 / 5 HUMOUR—Just recently I made a trip down to a restaurant on campus called “The Lab.” I have many friends who are always talking…

Gruel from school: University of Victoria restaurant reviews

Mac Sandwich Bar Score: 3 / 5 HUMOUR—Mac’s sandwich bar is straight up weird. You have to actually talk to the people making your food. I’m so used to staring…

Gruel from school: University of Victoria restaurant reviews

UVic Centre Cafeteria Score: 1 / 5 HUMOUR—I went to get some lunch at the Centre Cafeteria yesterday and found it extremely inconvenient. Just to get to the entrance of…

Butterfly creationist groups join together to protest evolutionary theory

The Insect History Convention received unexpected attention on Monday when a large group of butterflies arrived at the front steps of the Monarch Convention Center. Representing their creationist groups, the…

Mysterious doctor in blue police box accosts man seeking medical attention

HUMOUR—Herber Frendt, a Victoria local, received quite a scare after suffering from a heart attack downtown last week. According to witnesses, Frendt walked out of The Binge Eatery on Fort…

Hug Cartel strikes again in downtown Victoria

HUMOUR – The infamous Hug Cartel has struck again, this time attacking a group of charity workers offering free hugs to raise awareness about the City of Victoria’s lack of…

Run, Jamie, run

HUMOUR — Thanks to the success of UVic President Jamie Cassels’ inaugural run on Sept. 6, and his United Way walk on Nov. 20, the new president has now begun…

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