EDITORIAL | Don’t let your ballot go unchecked

With 338 seats in the House of Commons, voting for just one may seem like a meaningless task. But this election is the closest, tightest Canadian federal election in the…

EDITORIAL | A climate strike isn’t a campaign event

Despite nearly all of the federal party leaders attended Global Climate Strikes across Canada, none of them have proposed policies that would meet these demands. However, all of these candidates…

EDITORIAL | Telling it slant

Earlier this month, the Vancouver Sun published a column with the headline, “Canada should say goodbye to diversity, tolerance, and inclusion.” This op-ed was shocking, but perhaps it shouldn’t have…

EDITORIAL | Dear UVSS Board: We want substantive change, not empty stances

As students head back to school, they’ll get access to a bunch of UVSS-funded perks like Campus Kick Off and the plethora of coupons inside those coveted student agendas. All…
VicPD car

EDITORIAL | 911, how bad is your emergency?

Earlier this month, Victoria police chief constable Del Manak said budget restraints and staff shortages will force the Victoria Police Department (Victoria PD) to prioritize how, when, or if they…

EDITORIAL | It’s time to shut up about American politics

We're officially 102 days away from the next federal election. But why is it that Canadians are more informed about an election that won't be decided until more than a…
stolen sisters march indigenous

We need YOU to end Canada’s systemic genocide

Last week's MMIW report detailed 231 Calls for Justice to end the genocide of Indigenous peoples in Canada — but it will take more than Trudeau's reluctant acceptance of the…

Does Jason Kenney actually have a point?

new policy proposed by the Alberta United Conservative Party looks to 'protect free speech' by allowing all protesters, no matter how offensive, on university campuses. Here at UVic, we can…

EDITORIAL | Activism shouldn’t take a summer holiday

As classes end and exam season wraps up, students head back home, jet off to Southeast Asia, or relocate for a four-month internship or co-op in a new city. The…

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