The changing face of financial fraud

It’s time to look at whether Canadians are prepared for the changing landscape of financial scams powered by AI.

Where have all the murderbots gone? 

Two major issues are at the heart of the writers strike 2023, one of which is payment. I’m more interested in the other issue — AI.
Photo of ChatGPT's website, photo by Jonathan Kemper.

Against: ChatGPT is a problem for teachers and students

The creation of AI tools such as ChatGPT has been controversial in many regards. While it is a powerful tool, many are worried about the ways it can be used…
Photo of ChatGPT's website, photo by Jonathan Kemper.

For: ChatGPT is not the threat to education many think it is

Since ChatGPT became available to the public in November 2022, it has received plenty of attention. Many people hail it as an important step in artificial intelligence (AI) research and…
AI art

AI art: Criticism from a professional illustrator

After the recent devaluation of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), the majority of the art community rejoiced in the relief and satisfaction that their suspicions of this unethical technology had been confirmed.…
Computer-generated art from the sentence "draw creatively" (Midjourneyz0, provided by Caroline Tucker.

Artificial intelligence: A crutch or catalyst in the renaissance of creativity?

Most fields of study in AI research focus on improving user experience from the backend, supporting online advertising and cyber security, among other things. However, a few research labs have…
Computer-generated art from the sentence "University of Victoria from above in the style of Picasso's Starry Night" (DALL-E), provided by Jonas Buro.

A brief history of artificial intelligence

Since the dawn of antiquity, humankind has pondered on creating intelligent life. We are captivated by the idea that we could bring into the world an artificial intelligence that surpasses…

We had an AI reproduce over 70 years’ worth of Martlet content

We had our AI write this past issue for us, and here are some articles that didn’t make the cut! Inspired by screenplays written by AIs, which have been taking…

Fake A.I., real good movies

The best films about Artificial Intelligence uprisings It’s no secret that societal changes are often reflected in the films we make and watch. For example, environmental concerns lead to horror…

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