Activating change in Victoria’s arts scene

The visual art community of Victoria is in a transitory state. Not long ago, the whole of Victoria’s contemporary visual art scene seemingly consisted of traditional galleries. Today, the arts…

Rifflandia: Peter Ricq talks Gang Signs, new LP

Gang Signs is a Vancouver-based indie-electronic music act comprised of Matea Sarenac, Adam Fink, and Peter Ricq. Their music, once described as “slacker dance,” is an affecting combination of pulsating…

Dear employers of Victoria

STOP WASTING EVERYBODY’S TIME.  Now, I’m sure there are a handful of you who are trustworthy and ethical. But for those who’ve scammed me and my friends and their friends…

Events: Sept 10–Sept 23

Art Anna Banana: 45 Years of Fooling Around with A. Banana I’ve had a love-hate relationship with bananas for quite a while. Sometimes it’s like, dang, these are so good.…

How to live with tenancy disputes

UVic doesn’t have enough dorm buildings to accommodate all of its students. And combined with the ever-increasing fees for a dorm room, more and more students are choosing to live…

Crow’s low blows anything but highbrow

Have you or a loved one ever been attacked by a crow? Don’t laugh. This is serious. I mean a full on, Hitchcockian dive-bomb attack? I have not, but my…

Events: August 6–Sept 10

ART 9th Annual Integrate Arts Festival It’s August already?! Sadly, yes. But don’t fret; just because summer’s drawing to a close doesn’t mean the fun’s going to stop. The Integrate…

Ska Fest Recap: My weekend at Ska Fest

To say I that was impressed by Victoria’s 2015 Reggae & Ska Festival would be an understatement. In my first experience of this event I was fortunate enough to attend…

Dâm-Funk speaks ‘from the gut’

Editor’s note: Parts of this interview have been edited for clarity. Think of all the times you’ve asked someone what their favourite kind of music is. How many of those…

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