Week of November 29

Removing barriers for an inclusive and accessible society

Dec. 3 marks the United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Here at UVic, there are approximately 950 students either self-declared or declared by the provincial or federal governments…

Editorial: BP’s payout only a drop in the ocean

In April 2010, a massive oil spill blighted the Gulf of Mexico in the wake of an explosion on the deep-sea drilling rig Deepwater Horizon. Extensive damage to marine life,…

A+ for Supreme Court

Supreme Court rules B.C. school system discriminated against dyslexic student

Leaf blowers should be banned in Victoria

He stands there looking like something out of Ghostbusters, an intruder in our neighbourhood. He’s wearing battle gear — giant goggles, ear protectors and a baseball cap. He looks proud…

Remember the Grinch’s moral

On Nov. 1, children everywhere awaken with the excitement of digging into their Halloween candy from the night before. Students awaken with hangovers and trails of their costume makeup on…

Editorial: Fear and loathing in the nerd world order

Have you ever heard of comic artist Tony Harris? If you’re a fan of Starman or Ex Machina, you may have seen his work; it is detailed, inventive and beautiful.

How dare my TV shows go on hiatus

On Oct. 8, with 11 days left in my countdown to Community season four, my roommate mentioned that NBC had announced a hiatus for the show. After unleashing a “Why…


Week of November 22

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