An open letter from the Third Space

Dear Martlet staff, Thank you for your recent article on our policy changes and the anti-transgender hate group that has targeted our centre. At the end of the article I…

Summer at the Third Space: A timeline

After a turbulent few months, summer at the Third Space (formerly the UVic Women’s Centre) is drawing to a close. Since classes ended in April, the centre has undergone a…

EDITORIAL: Third Space harassment shows trans acceptance has a ways to go

Things have been hostile in the SUB as of late. This summer has been marked by a battle for the Third Space, as a small but vocal contingent of radical…

Almost seven weeks later, we’re still sippin’ that ‘Lemonade’

Illustration by Leone Brander, Graphics Contributor   It’s been just over a month since Beyoncé dropped Lemonade on the unsuspecting masses April 23. We’re sure you’ve heard a thing or…

Is feminism finished?

Last week, after having just floated out of the UVic Ideafest event “Is Feminism Finished?” mock debate, I decided to bat away the ensuing cloud of confusion with some writing…

The hanging of free speech: The case of Greg Elliott

“There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy: Hypocrisy, Fraud, and Tyranny.” — Frederick Robertson Too few are aware of the current legal fiasco involving one Twitter warrior by…

Patricia Arquette is right! We still need to talk about the glass ceiling

Women represent almost half of the labour force; however, most of them still earn far lower salaries on average than men and are less likely to work in leadership positions.…

Women don’t need children to be women

As a child who loved skipping rope, a common tune I was used to chanting was “First comes love / Then comes marriage / Then comes mommy with the baby…

By the distraction of a shirt: Many missed the power of a scientific accomplishment

The Rosetta space mission harnessed the gravity of Mars and sent something the size and shape of a washing machine a cumulative distance of over 6.4 billion kilometres. However, the…

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