Kinder Morgan submits pipeline proposal despite protests

Energy company Kinder Morgan submitted a proposal to the National Energy Board (NEB) on Dec. 16 for an expansion of its Trans Mountain Pipeline. The expansion of the pipeline, which…

Full court press

In a landmark decision handed down Dec. 20, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) struck down prostitution legislation, citing a violation of constitutional rights. Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin, on behalf…

British scientist given posthumous pardon of discriminatory 1952 conviction

On Dec. 24, a royal pardon came into effect for computer science legend, Alan Turing. Groundswell for a pardon took hold in 2012 upon the celebration of the centennial of…

Will to game: Card games for a crowd

Party season is here, and that means throngs of people standing awkwardly around a bowl of punch, or trying to keep their drink steady as they wiggle to Katy Perry…

Stressed to Shingles

The Itch It started small; a spattering of circular bumps on my right breast. I assumed they were mosquito bites—it was summer in Yellowknife, a time when mosquitos infest the…

The culture of craft brewing

When John Mitchell—the so-called Grandfather of British Columbia craft brewing—opened the first modern craft brewery in Canada at Horseshoe Bay in the early 1980s, no one would have guessed that…

Focus on Fuel Part III: The ecological imperatives of the B.C. LNG industry

This is Part III in a five-part Martlet investigative series exploring the economic, socio-political, and environmental impacts of the B.C. government’s decision to pursue Liquefied Natural Gas initiatives. This instalment…

Power-stance your way to success

The door looms tall and foreboding in front of you, your fingers loosely touching the cold metal knob, while you draw in a quick deep breath before turning the handle.…

Anorexia: My Story

  When people hear me fluently speak unaccented English, they least expect me to say I am from Taiwan. And when my friends compliment my simple and nutritious eating and…

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