Aces high: Soaring over Victoria in the Aluminum Overcast

In writing and editing for the Martlet, I come across stories of all sorts: a Vikes win here, interdepartmental squabbles there, stuff like that. But for the most part, things…

This week in Martlet history

September 21, 1972—“Full Report Not Made” In 1971, Dr. Alexander Kirk of the Chemistry Department headed a two-month investigation of the Visual Arts faculty. The department had been having so…

This week in Martlet history

Sept. 10, 1970 — “New nation declares oceanic sovereignty”

This week in Martlet history

September 1979, 1985 and 1991

Success amid controversy

Joseph Boyden checked in late for his Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Toronto four years ago. When he boarded the airplane, he found himself sandwiched between two other passengers,…

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